Monday, August 22, 2005

Sexy, Urban, Housewife, BITCH!

Time for another hot amateur housewife revew! I found SinamonLane the other day and all I can say is WOW! Sinamon is a different breed here on the web. She does not play up the sweet lil innocent role. She is wide open and in your face!.....figuratively and otherwise LOL!

Sinamon was born and raised in rural FL and then moved to an even more rural part of NC but always yearned to get out and make it. Make it she did! She graduated from a promiment private college, got married and decided to use her brains do an Adult Website! Hey...Jenna has made a small fortune....why not Sinamon!

Her site is packed with pictures, video etc minus the personal interaction you get with a site like Brandi's. But its definately worth it...she has a killer ass, a sassy, playful spirit huge boobs and a pussy that me! It may not be worth staying more than a couple months...but trust me it will be an enjoyable couple months!

So dive in!

See Sinamon Lane Here

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Amateur Housewife Brandi Love

Good evening! This should be a week to remember as Brandi and I are headed down to an adult industry event in Miami! Now for those of you who don't know her, Brandi is a true amateur Housewife with a serious wild streak! We have been involved in "The Lifestyle" for years and have had her site up for just over a year. and an amazing year it has been. Brandi has been on Howard Stern, Larry Elder, signed a book deal and is goingto be speaking at a number of colleges throughout the country in 2005-2006.

Her site is a blend of her real housewife life, our swinging adventures and a host of naughty extras! Its amazing but in just over a year we have shot over 20k pictures and countless hours of video. So couple that with her live cam shows, her personal audio stories, hot stories etc it has become quite a community! she even holds contests a few times a year where the members compete for a date with Brandi.....each one so far has ended with a bang!....Litteraly!

So cum check out my little housewife BrandiLove

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Sexy Amateur Housewives!

Good Morning! I am just getting this blog started so bear with me as I get things lined up! We have all seen the Desperate Housewives craze and there are new housewife shows popping up all the time. Each trying to out do the other. The amazing thing about the internet is there are real housewives out there who eagerly make the Desparate Housewives look...well.....rather desperate!

My goal here is a simple one....find an amateur housewife on the web and bring her here to you!

Many of the wives I have researched thus far have thier own blogs or diaries...I'll be sure to keep you up to date with those as well! so who is the first amateur housewife to be featured?

Dirty Daisy!

This little amateur housewife hottie has the most amazing eyes I have ever seen! and the best part is...there is usually cum just dripping off those pretty lips and splattered all over her face! I have been to her site and she is the real deal....lives up in Canada....married about 4 years now and regularly answers her emails! She has a hot looking site, very professional looking but still maintains that...." Im just the housewife next door " feel.

Here is a recent entry from her diary...

"Good morning/night, hehe, tuesday was a lazy day for me. I was up so late the night before that by the time i was going to bed, my son was wakin up, lol. I made a new record for the least amount of times I masterbated in a day! I only masterbated once!!! That means that wednesday I will have to make up for it by materbating double, hehe. Ill let ya know how it goes hehe ;)."